Embracing life through the art of

Beyond the big picture of a completed art piece, it's the minute details, also my favorite aspect, that are entirely crucial as the soul representation of my work.  Capturing a subject isn't only about adding the subtle nuances of their distinct features, but reflecting the very essence of the subjects' energy.

       People are the main and treasured subjects in my art. From the glow in their eyes to the soft lips, painting or drawing a person is always the beginning of a new creative adventure.

       Each artwork reveals a large range of contrast from the lightest of lights to the deepest of darks.  I fear neither black or white popping from the paper or emerging from the canvas sitting on my easel. Through the intense dimension, it enriches the vivid and widely varied colors I apply.

       Using an assortment of materials, the fine art mediums that I most frequently utilize are oil paints, soft pastel pencil, and graphite pencil.  Because of my attention to detail, I use high quality, archival materials to ensure the best production for every piece.






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Portrait artist serving the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. metropolitan area.