Original Fine Art





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Simple Elegance


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White-breasted Nuthatches
Graphite Pencil


Simply Mysterious, carnation pastel, carnation painting, pastel fine art, virginia fine art, flower art, floral fine art, grace pennington


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Simply Mysterious

Graphite Pencil


Little Chickadee, chickadee drawing, chickadee art, bird fine art, original bird art, original bird drawing, bird pencil art, grace pennington

Little Chickadee
Graphite Pencil

Giclée Art


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Afternoon on the Lake
Giclée on Watercolor Paper


Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab
Giclée on Watercolor Paper



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The Iris
Giclée on Canvas

Afternoon on the Lake
Matted Giclée on Watercolor Paper

Art Christmas Ornaments


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Chesapeake Bay
Virginia Christmas Ornament



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Horse Country
Virginia Christmas Ornament

Virginia Christmas Ornament

Carnation Art Note Cards


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Carnation Note Card
Single Pack


carnation note cards, carnation greeting card, flower note cards, floral greeting cards, floral cards, floral card, grace pennington

Carnation Note Cards
Assorted Pack of 3


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