About Grace


Hello and thank you for visiting!  I'm Grace Pennington, an artist who specializes in portraiture, capturing special memories of people, animals, and nature through my realism painting style.  I also enjoy creating abstract art and illustrations, since these are other art forms that fuel my creativity and imagination.  The fine arts have become a lifelong journey and passion for me as I not only enjoy creating but love it!

My vision is to produce extraordinary art that is unique and personal to you.  The creative possibilities are endless, and we'll work together to make the perfect art piece that tells your story.


Born in California, in 1990, the daughter of a Navy officer, Grace Kettell taught herself to draw through the collection of art books that rarely occupied her bookshelf since they were commonly at her side.


Self Portrait of Grace when she was 5 years old, drawn in 2006.

She became increasingly self-taught, with the addition of art-teacher instruction throughout middle and high school.  Her interest in art grew year by year.

Her thirst for art lead to refining the skills and knowledge in art theory, color theory, light theory, light source, gradation, composition, perspective, oil painting, acrylics, watercolor, pastel, pencil, ink pen, color pencil, charcoal, mixed media, trois crayon, art history, photography, figure drawing, portraiture, still life, florals, animals, landscapes, architecture, and more included in her studies and practice.

She developed her favorite art forms and specializes in graphite pencil, pastel pencil, and oil painting of portraiture in her realism style.


In 2006, Grace started creating art not just for herself but also for others. This lead to the start of Grace's Art Studio.  She made portraits of people, pets, and other custom artwork from home.  In 2008, Grace opened and operated her art studio in Lorton, Virginia.


Two years later, Grace Kettell married her best friend, John, and became known as Grace Pennington.  Grace and John currently reside in Northern Virginia with their three year-old son and 9 month-old daughter.  She now works out of her home-based art studio.



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Portrait artist serving the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. metropolitan area.